A handwritten font designed by kids for kids

 This typeface has a special story, if you have the time, please do read it :)

This Font Story My daughter Aliyah, 3y and I have decided to make a storybook based on our life. She would do the illustrations and I would compile them and tell the story. We tried for her to write the story, whilst trying her hardest, we struggled. I looked for a font that would be written by a child. A font that would contain all the innocence and quirks of a child's handwriting, but with no luck. The only font I found that was complete cost around a thousand dollars. That was out of my budget, we decided to make one! With the help of her aunt Nunu (10y). We spend 6 weeks developing this font to reflect the true essence of a child's handwriting. We tried to create a complete font that would support lowercase, uppercase, numbers and umlauts.

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