The First Ramadan Shopping Experience In Finland


It’s always exciting to be a part of a new idea. Our collaboration with shopping centre Itis for their first Ramadan and Eid Campaign was truly something special, as it was first of its kind in Finland.

Home to a large multicultural consumer base, the largest shopping centre in Scandinavia made a natural decision when approaching the Muslim market through a Ramadan and Eid campaign.

Being a first is always challenging and risky. With immigration and refugees being a hot topic we anticipated both lovers and haters of the campaign, but Itis saw a market opportunity that it could not waste.

To start off, Qufi led a market research by conducting a series of focus group interviews, to find out the online and offline consumer behaviour of Muslims during Ramadan and on Eid day. Campaign marketing was strategically aimed at Muslims living around the capital area through social media. Throughout the month, numerous shops participated in the campaign with various sales targeted at the consumer group. The campaign highlighted in a big celebration on Eid day. Together with Itis, we carried out the event design and production, making sure that the event was family-friendly and the design recognisable.

The reception of the campaign by both public and media was phenomenal. With appearing in over 150 media channels, including the national YLE news and MTV3’s Huomenta Suomi morning show, we managed to successfully attract new consumers within a 200 km radius, bringing not only commercial value to the shopping centre, but also leaving a mark in history. The campaign successfully reached over 500 000€ paid media reach. 

Itis Ramadan Campaign results

Itis Ramadan Campaign results


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